Cement pre heater Flap Valve


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Air lock flap valve is an important part of cement kiln preheater system. It is installed in the proper part between the upper cyclone tube and the lower cyclone preheater heat exchange pipe inlet of rotary kiln

Bit. The function of the air lock flap valve is to adhere to the sealing condition of the blanking pipe, which not only adheres to the uniform blanking and dredging, but also can seal the space of the blanking pipe which can not be filled by the material, so as to avoid the problem of sealing the pipe

The air flow short-circuit and air leakage occur between the upper cyclone and the lower cyclone outlet preheater because of the simple pressure difference. In this way, it is not only beneficial to avoid the heat transfer pipeline of rotary kiln preheater

The hot gas flows through the discharge pipe and jumps up to the discharge port of the upper cyclone, which causes the collected materials to fly again and reduce the separation power; and the hot gas flow in the heat exchange pipe of the rotary kiln preheater can be avoided

The heat transfer of materials into the cyclone through the bottom of the upper cyclone will cause unnecessary heat loss and reduce the heat transfer power. Therefore, it is necessary for the air valve to be reasonably arranged, simple and sensitive.