Damper Tertiary Air TA duct high temperature gate valve


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The high temperature gate valve damper of the tertiary air duct is a new product developed to allow the valve plate to dissipate heat and cool down more quickly. The maximum operating temperature of its gate valve reaches 1050 ℃. It is mainly used for secondary utilization of waste heat in boilers, kilns and blast furnaces and various hot air pipes for flue gas and waste gas treatment. It is an ideal equipment for energy saving and switching of high temperature gas.

Structural features: The high-temperature gate valve of the tertiary air duct is welded with high-strength heat-strength steel and stainless steel. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, strong rigidity, high efficiency, flexible overwork, convenient maintenance and service life. The high-pressure cooling fan is used for cooling to ensure that the rigidity of the gate is not deformed.

The high temperature gate valve of the tertiary air duct can be divided into: electric rolling machine lifting (switch signal), electric actuator lifting (4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10v control and feedback signal), reducer lifting (switch signal), and also Electro-hydraulic push rod can be used to lift (switch signal).