Elevator Belt Fastener Clamp


The elevator belt fastener is a designed and engineered by Reamor Industry  Engineer. This product is fitted with a replaceable NBR or heat resistant rubber wear part on the aluminum wedge section. The rubber part wears down rather than the surface of the elevator belt. This increases the safety in the clamp fastener. This clamp is specially designed by taking physical properties of belt into consideration. This clamp is made of two jaws of high strength aluminum alloy and a steel wedge to support the belt with bolts to join the assembly. The number of bolt for clamping depends on the width of the belt.

Reamor industry supply bucket elevators for many different industries cement, coal, mine, food, grain, flour milling, malting, sand and other heavy industries. We can provide preliminary design information for upgrading your existing elevator or help with designing a new elevator.

Tension force up to 2500 kN/m

main body made by Extruded aluminum and machined steel

Secured by High Tensile Bolts and Lock Nuts