GGAJ02 Transformer for Electrostatic Preciptator High Voltage

Electrostatic precipitator transformer.

Our Product can replace all range other transformer product.

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GGAj02 transformer is composed of high voltage silicon rectifier and thyristor automatic control system of microprocessor. Its basic function is to change power frequency alternating current into high voltage direct current. The adoption of high impedance transformer can effectively suppress short circuit current and improve waveform. The internationally popular corrugated heat sink can not only reduce the weight, but also improve the heat dissipation effect to reduce the volume.

The core structure of GGAj02 transformer of electrostatic precipitator transformer adopts the fully inclined form of low loss, which is manufactured by CNC shearing production line. The high voltage silicon stack adopts epoxy resin to package avalanche diode voltage equalizing module, which has high reliability, good heat dissipation effect and modeling. The assembly line is equipped with a complete set of vacuum drying, transformer oil filtering, filling and detection devices. It is arranged at the top or indoor of the electrostatic precipitator, with the enclosure protection grade of IP54, and the oil collecting pan can be set at the bottom of the transformer. The silicon rectifier is of high impedance, with side outlet or upper outlet.

The roller mode of GGAj02 transformer of ESP is flat wheel (track wheel), which can rotate 90°. The rolling direction is parallel to the high voltage side outlet bushing. It is equipped with oil temperature alarm device. When the oil temperature is higher than 70 ℃, the high-voltage power supply is cut off at 85°C and the sound and light alarm signal is sent out. No. 25 or No. 45 oil is selected. Set, light gas alarm, heavy gas trip, and send out sound and light alarm signal. The rectifier transformer with rated output voltage of 72kV has three taps, which are 60kV, 66kV and 72kV respectively.

Definition of GGAj02 transformer model for electrostatic precipitator transformer GGAj02-1.0a/72kv-HN (HW)

GGAj02 represents specific serial number of rectifier transformer; 1.0A represents rated output current; 72kV represents rated output voltage; HN represents indoor type (low level layout); HW represents outdoor type (high level layout). Users can customize a full series of 80kV, 100kV, 120kv rated output voltage rectifier transformer.