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Supplier and exporter of Ringspann Backstop Freewheels.

We have large spot stock ready to ship anywhere in the world.Used for SEW gearbox, FLender Gearbox


With more than 75 years’ experience in development, design and manufacturing, Ringspann Germany is expert in intelligent technical solutions and offer a comprehensive program of standard products.

Integrated Freewheels FXM are sprag free -wheels without bearing support and with sprag lift-off X.The sprag lift-off X ensures a wear-free freewheeling operation when the inner ring rotates at high speed.
Nominal torques up to 1 230 000 Nm.Bores up to 560 mm. A multitude of standard -sized bore diameters are available with short delivery times.


For Flender Gearbox,:

1、FXM66-25DX/H40 4867.066.206.040h33 3674.066.803.000000

2、FXM86-25DX/H40 4867.086.204.040h33 3674.086.801.000000

3、FXM85-50SX/H50 4867.085.512.050h38 3673.085.831.000000

4、FXM100-50SX/H55 4867.100.511.055h43 3673.100.822.000000

5、FXM120-50SX/H60 4867.120.518.060h44 3673.120.830.000000

6、FXM140-50SX/H65 4867.140.523.065h44 3673.140.830.000000

7、FXM170-63SX/H80 4867.170.521.080h54 3673.170.831.000000

8、FXM 200-63SX/H100 4867.200.518.100h64 3673.200.830.000000

For SEW Gearbox

1、AHM FXM66-25DX 4867.065.200.040h33 3674.066.803.000000

2、AHM FXM85-40SX 4867.085.501.050h38 3673.085.830.000000

3、AHM FXM100-40SX 4867.100.501.060h44 3673.100.830.000000

4、AHM FXM120-50SX 4867.120.501.065h44 3673.120.830.000000

5、AHM FXM140-50SX 4867.140.502.065h44 3673.140.830.000000

6、AHM FXM170-63SX 4867.170.502.100h64 3673.170.831.000000

7、AHM FXM200-63SX 4867.200.501.130h74 3673.200.830.000000