Spare Part Preheater Immersion Dip Tube 4th 5th cyclone

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The preheater hanging plate type inner cylinder includes a fixed block, a top hanging plate, an inner cylinder hanging plate and a connecting lock from top to bottom. The connecting lock is composed of a hook, a protective wall and a protective seat. and its outer width is greater than the width of the hook: the connecting lock locks the bottom inner cylinder hanging plate through the dislocation of the hook.


The connecting lock is composed of a hook, a protective wall and a protective seat. The inner side of the protective seat is flush with the inner wall of the protective wall, and the outer width is larger than the width of the hook.

The overall service life of the inner cylinder of the heater is avoided, and the inner cylinder hanging plate is prevented from being scattered due to the falling off of the hook. At the same time, the utility model avoids the reduction of the simple and effective working radius in the preheater caused by hanging the top hanging plate on the hook of the fixing block.

The preheater is mainly composed of a cyclone, an air duct, discharge  chute, an air lock valve, a spreading plate, and an inner tube hanging piece Immersion Tube.

The main function of the preheater is to make full use of the waste heat from the rotary kiln and the decomposition furnace to heat the raw meal, so as to preheat the raw meal and decompose part of the carbonate. In order to maximize the heat exchange efficiency between gas and solid and realize the high quality, high yield and low consumption of the whole calcination system, it is necessary to have three functions of uniform gas and solid dispersion, rapid heat exchange and efficient separation.