Supplier JLXM250 Vertical Roller Coal Mill Gearbox Spare Part Drive Unit Reducer

Jlxm series reducer adopts bevel gear planetary two-stage reduction transmission.It is with high efficiency, compact structure, low power consumption, low steel consumption, high noise and dust. Small, small wear, long life, easy operation futures.

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Technical features of jlxm series vertical mill reducer:

》The gear and gear shaft are made of 17CrNiMo6 special alloy steel, carburized and quenched, and the tooth surface is smooth

The hardness is HRC60 ± 2 and the accuracy is above grade 6 (GB 10095).

》The overall structure is horizontal input and vertical output. The first stage transmission is spiral bevel gear, and the second stage planetary transmission is NGW three part pop star structure. Several load sharing methods are used to realize load sharing

》The gear box body adopts casting structure, which can bear great vertical load and axial force and radial force produced by gear transmission.

》All rolling bearings adopt imported brand, and the service life is more than 100000 hours.

》The thrust bearing adopts spherical support structure, and the lubrication mode adopts ring pipe spray flange mirror.

》The drum gear coupling and spherical floating are adopted for the sun gear, so the floating effect is more ideal.

》Three oil return holes are designed at the input end, and the end cover adopts the structure of packing + sealing ring to effectively prevent oil leakage.





JLXM315 ( JLX37S, JLX25Z )

JLXM340 ( JLX37M, JLX37Z )

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