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JS150 JS150-A JS150-B JS150-C The main reducer of cement mill adopts the structure of central drive, double split power and even load of torsion shaft, which is symmetrical arrangement of two-stage deceleration. The perfect monitoring system monitors the oil temperature and oil pressure, and interlocks the alarm to effectively ensure the performance and safety of the reducer.

The so-called load sharing of torsion shaft is that the first stage big gear and the second stage small gear are connected by torsion shaft. Through the elastic deformation of torsion shaft, the symmetrical gears at both ends can bear the load evenly.

The axial dimension of the reducer is shortened by adopting the load sharing form of torsion shaft, and the characteristics of compact structure, small volume and light weight are obtained. At the same time, the first stage big gear and the second stage small gear are divided into two shafts, which is not only conducive to adjusting the tooth surface contact, but also can alleviate the phase difference caused by two identical gears during operation. The structure of torque shaft with uniform load makes it easy to manufacture, install and adjust.

All the gears are hardened gears with high precision after carburizing and quenching. The hardness of tooth surface is 60 ± 2hrc (Rockwell hardness), and the precision is grade 6 GB10095. In order to improve the gear bearing capacity, reduce the noise generated by gear operation, and improve the lubrication conditions, the dynamic characteristics of the gears are comprehensively improved by tooth top trimming and tooth alignment. The first gear transmission adopts monoclinic gear, and the second gear transmission adopts herringbone gear

The optimization calculation of gear parameters, tooth profile and tooth direction trimming is based on the introduction of technical software. Through transplantation and secondary development, a self-contained gear design specification with heavy tooth characteristics is formed. The design service factor of the whole series of gears is greater than 2.

JS series reducers are supported by sliding bearings except for high-speed shafts. Because the force acting on the bearing of high-speed shaft gear is only axial force, the spherical roller bearing with automatic self-aligning can ensure enough service life. The other two kinds of radial sliding bearings are used. One is the structure which can compensate the bending and torsion deformation of the gear shaft and adjust the center automatically. The other is a structure that can bear both radial and axial loads. With these two structures, it is not only easy to install and replace, but also has the following effects

(1) There is almost no noise during operation;

(2) The load and speed are almost unlimited;

(3) Theoretically, the life span is infinite;

(4) In case of failure, the sliding bearing will be damaged, but the relevant parts will not be damaged or slightly damaged. The sliding bearing with these two structures is designed as eccentric structure, in order to prevent the deformation of the box in transportation or other special circumstances, and to restore the contact accuracy of the corrected tooth surface.


Jms660 and hms660 (jm880) slow drive device are auxiliary drive devices specially designed for JS series central drive mill. The device is used for installation, commissioning and maintenance of main reducer, and for maintenance of mill, replacement of liner, loading and supplement of grinding body in cement production line. Jms660 is placed between the main reducer and the main motor. The main motor is single shaft extension. Hms660 is placed behind the main motor, which has double extension shafts. The two kinds of slow drive devices are composed of small tooth difference gear, hydraulic electromagnetic brake and manual clutch mechanism with strong torque transmission ability, large reduction ratio, small volume and light weight. When the pin clutch or toothed clutch is closed, the auxiliary motor drives the whole slow machine system to rotate slowly through the slow drive device. At the same time, the limit switch automatically turns off the power supply of the main motor. When the auxiliary motor stops working, the hydraulic electromagnetic brake will stop the mill at the required position.

Spare part list

1. Input Pinion. Input gearshaft. High speed gear shaft

2. 1st stage gear ring.1st stage large gear

3. thrust bearing

4. slide bearing.

5. 2nd stage pinion. 2nd stage gear shaft.

6. output large gear

7. torsion shaft.

8. diaphragm coupling