Supplier M4PSF90 SEW EURODRIVE Bucket Elevator Belt Conveyor DRIVE Gearbox Spare Reducer

M4PSF90 reducer MC series hard tooth face medium gear reducer, sew advanced machining technology, introducing German advanced grinding machine and supporting equipment and absorbing German exquisite processing technology, will fill the gap for China’s advanced precision and high power reducer. MC series reducer selection is a work that must be done.

Main features:

High rigidity cast iron box; the hard tooth surface gear adopts high-quality alloy steel, and the surface is carburized and hardened, and the grinding teeth are processed with fine processing, with stable transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise and long life. Performance and characteristics:

1. The gear is carburized and quenched with high quality alloy, with the hardness of tooth surface up to 60 ± 2hr and grinding accuracy of gear surface up to 5-6

2. The gear is pre shaped by computer modification technology, which greatly improves the bearing capacity of the reducer

3. From the box to the internal gear, the complete modular structure design is adopted, which is suitable for large-scale production and flexible selection

4. The standard reducer model is divided according to the form of torque reduction, which is more in line with the customer requirements and avoids power waste compared with the traditional equal proportion division

5. Cad/cam design and manufacture is used to ensure the stability of quality

6. Adopt a variety of sealing structures to prevent oil leakage

7. Multi-directional noise reduction measures to ensure the excellent low noise performance of the reducer

8. Flexible and changeable installation mode, easy to choose by customers


It is in sharp contrast with other products

1. Modular design, wide transmission ratio coverage, fine and reasonable distribution

2. From 37-187, there are 12 types of seat specifications, and the transmission power range is 0.12kw-200kw

3. The overall design is suitable for all-round installation and configuration

4. The transmission is accurate, covering 5.31-179.86, and can be selected arbitrarily according to the needs

The transmission balance, low noise and inter stage efficiency of gear grinding by high precision grinding machine are 98%;

6. The transmission ratio of the reducer specially designed for special low speed occasions is expanded to 32625

7 gear: 20rmo steel, CO carburizing treatment (after finishing grinding, the hardness of tooth surface shall be maintained HRC60, and the thickness of hard layer shall be more than 0.5mm);


Common range:

Power: 0.18kw ~ 200kW

Torque: 3nm ~ 22500nm

Output speed: 0.06 ~ 374r/min

Spare Pare List

Pos. no. Qty Unit Item name / Dimensions
001 1 pcs GEAR HOUSING M4PSF90
199 1 pcs GEAR WHEEL  17CRNIMO6

Spiral bevel gear

bevel pinion

201 1 pcs PINION 17CRNIMO6

Bevel Gear

Gear Shaft

Sprial Bevel Gear

210 2 pcs BEARING
299 1 pcs GEAR WHEEL 17CRNIMO6
301 1 pcs PINION  17CRNIMO6
310 2 pcs BEARING
399 1 pcs GEAR WHEEL 17CRNIMO6
401 1 pcs PINION – 17CRNIMO6
410 2 pcs BEARING
499 1 pcs GEAR WHEEL 17CRNIMO6
501 1 pcs PINION 20MNCR5HH
510 2 pcs BEARING
 Backstop 1 pcs BACKSTOP FXM05125DX/d=30