Mby MBYX is mainly used in cement mill, coal mill and other edge drive reducer.

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Mby MBYX series reducer adopts modern gear design and manufacturing technology, absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and summarizes the experience of domestic design and manufacturing of similar products. According to the characteristics of cement industry, such as bad working conditions, low speed and heavy load, safe and reliable, long service life, the edge drive reducer is specially designed for cement mill, coal mill and other purposes. Mby series reducer adopts single-stage reduction, with special oil station, and all gears are hard tooth surface, with accuracy above grade 6 (gb10095-88). It is designed with high reliability and long design life. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, it has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple shape, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable, and long service life.