Supplier RPG28 Gearbox Press Roller Drive Spare Part Gear Reducer

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Supplier RPG28 Gearbox Press Roller Drive Spare Part Gear Reducer.

The roller press is designed according to the principle of material bed grinding. The high pressure load directly acts on the material layer to be ground through the double rollers. The materials are squeezed and peeled each other under high pressure, so that the internal stress of the particles is large enough to cause cracks, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. Because the energy required for crushing directly acts on the material particles, the energy utilization rate of the roller press is quite high, which has significant energy-saving effect. At the same time, the particle size of the rolled material is greatly reduced, the grindability is obviously improved, and many finished products are produced.

The function of reducer in roller press: as the core power component of roller press, reducer plays the role of transmission and torque transmission. Each roller press includes 2 reducers

Overall structure of roller press reducer: it is a transmission device of three-stage deceleration, and the input shaft and output shaft are arranged horizontally and eccentrically.It is mainly composed of several parts: (a) parallel shaft gear transmission part (b) planetary gear transmission part (c) box output part.Reducer design parameters: maximum transmission power: 2250 kw

Input speed: 750-1500 R / min

Transmission ratio: 25 ~ 90:1

The planet carrier of planetary reducer is made of ZG35CrMo and qt600-3a materials.

Add flaw detection requirements for key parts to avoid casting defects

The precision of planetary carrier hole is processed by CNC machining center to ensure the mutual position precision of each hole, so as to ensure the load sharing performance of planetary transmission and improve the reliability of reducer.

The planetary reducer box is made of high-quality nodular cast iron, which has good casting performance and mechanical properties, high strength, good toughness, excellent shock absorption performance, and can adapt to low temperature and high cold environment.

Roller Press Spare Part List:

  1. Input pinion. input shaft.high speed shaft.
  2. Gear wheel
  3. small sun gear.sun wheel.
  4. planet gear wheel carrier.
  5. planet gear
  6. output planet gear carrier
  7. output planet gear.
  8. out put hollow shaft.
  9. sealing seal