Supplier Siemens Flender H3DH11 H3DV11 H3HH11 H3SH11 H3SV11 H3SM11 Gear Gearbox Spare Part Drive Unit Reducer

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Supplier Siemens Flender H3DH11 H3DV11 H3HH11 H3SH11 H3SV11 H3SM11 Gearbox Gear Drive Unit all range spare parts large amount spot stock.

Flender Standard Gear Units series products are developed for applications in nearly all fields of the mechanical power transmission. Flender standard gear units comprise helical and bevel helical type with horizontal and vertical mounting positions available.

Technical Data

Type: Helical & bevel helical
Size: 3-26
Transmission stage: 1-4
Power Rating: 6-4,500Kw
Speed ratio:1.25-450
Noraml torque range:  up to 900,000Nm

Conveyor drives, bucket elevator drives, screw drives, dryer section drives etc.

H3DH11A H3DV11A H3HH11A H3SH11A H3SV11A H3SM11A H3DH11B H3DV11B H3HH11B H3SH11B H3SV11B H3SM11B H3DH11C H3DV11C H3HH11C H3SH11C H3SV11C H3SM11C H3DH11D H3DV11D H3HH11D H3SH11D H3SV11D H3SM11D H3DH11E H3DV11E H3HH11E H3SH11E H3SV11E H3SM11E H3DH11F H3DV11F H3HH11F H3SH11F H3SV11F H3SM11F H3DH11G H3DV11G H3HH11G H3SH11G H3SV11G H3SM11G H3DH11H H3DV11H H3HH11H H3SH11H H3SV11H H3SM11H H3DH11I H3DV11I H3HH11I H3SH11I H3SV11I H3SM11