Supplier TGD200 N-TGD200 Steel Wire Belt Bucket Elevator Spare Part and Equipment

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We are top exporter of Portland Steel Wire Belt TGD200 N-TGD200 spare part and Bucket Elevator.

Portland Steel Wire Belt won first prize of China Building Material Industry for Progress in Science and Technology 2005, second prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology 2007, and is also the famous brand high-quality products of mechanical industry. With our own intellectual property, the achievement fills the gaps of related technology and equipment in China, and is substituted for imported products.

1.The steel cable belt bucket elevator has became a famous brand, It has been listed as first choice by well-known domestic and foreign cement group

More than 3800 sets of steel cable belt bucket elevators is online, more than 1300 sets of steel cable belt bucket elevators has used in  5000-12000 t/d production line of cement clinker. It is exported to the United States, France, Italy, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries, the product can be found all over in the five continents.

2.Belt bucket elevator was used successfully in 10000t/d cement plant

In March 2012, the preheater steel cable belt bucket elevator(N-TGD1250×134.50M)  in CUCC Xuzhou was used successfully in 10000t/d cement plant, which marked Portland entering into worldwide highest end market in this field.

Bucket elevator for Preheater tower and raw material silo supply.

Supplier and Exporter for Portland Hefei N-TGD steel wire belt bucket elevator used for kiln feeding in cement production line,the shaft height reach 130m and the conveying capacity is 1335m3/h,.

Application of N-TGD steel belt bucket elevator

N-TGD steel belt bucket elevator (hereinafter referred to as TGD) has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, small volume, low power consumption, stable and reliable operation, long service life, ultra-high lifting, etc.

1.2 the machine is suitable for vertical conveying of dry powder or small particle materials.

1.3 it is widely used in cement, chemical industry, coal, electric power, port, grain and other industries. In particular, it is recommended to be used in the conveying of raw materials at kiln end, large raw material homogenization silo, material conveying in cement silo and high load circulation conveying of materials in large ball mill closed-circuit system of new dry process cement production line to completely replace similar imported equipment.

1.4 at present, the maximum conveying capacity is 1700m3 / h and the maximum conveying height is 130m.

TYPE TGD250 TGD315 TGD400 TGD500 TGD630 TGD800 TGD800H TGD1000 TGD1250 TGD1400 TGD1600
Bucket width(mm) 250 315 400 500 630 800 800H 1000 1250 1400 1600
Bucket volume (L) 5 6.5 14.6 18 29 37 46.4 58 73 99 114
Conveying capacity m3/h ф=100% 85 117 225 280 450 570 797 997 1255 1547 1780
ф=75% 63 88 168 210 338 428 597 747 941 1160 1335
>100 >100 >100 >120 >120 >120 >120 >130 >130 >130 >130
Lifting height (m)





1.Steel Wire Belt or TGD Bucket Elevator

2.Belt Joint Clamp Device.

3.Bucket Elevator Bolt

4.Head Pulley Plastic-covered Segments