Vertical Mill Spare Parts

Reamor industry is Supplier of Vertical Roller Mill Spare Part.China, Denmark.

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we can supplier following part to roller mill

1 Mill motor

2 Gear box

3 Grinding table

4 Split scrapers or external circulation

5 Bottom plate or mill

6 Reject sluice

7 Rotary split sluice in heated or non heated version

8 Feed chute with heated bottom 9 Mill house with lining 10 Nozzle ring

11 Air guide cone

12 Segmented grinding roller

13 Roller hub and wear cover

14 Joint head

15 Torque rod

16 Connection to mill house

17 Air and material seal or tension rod 18 Tension rod

19 Hydraulic cylinder with accumulators

20 Variable speed drive or separator

21 Cage rotor

22 Guide vanes

23 Reject cone

24 Area in cone below separation zone protected with chromium carbide composite plate

25 Mill and separator outlet